I never bought that reason either. Ready for the real reasons?

D's list/ Meff's List

D's Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate Bacon/Bacon Day

10. Bacon is the only meat left that is not a tool of the patriarchy, and therefore should be granted its own holiday

9.Kevin bacon's ass

8 Making bacon

7.Making bacon on the beach

6. Bacon v. Spam in the fight to the death

5. Bacon; its not just for breakfast, lunch and dinner anymore

4, Meff and I defy our ancient traditions each time we celebrate this blessed pork product

3. even Angelina Jolie loves bacon

2. if it feels good do it

And the number one reason we love bacon. . . . . . . .

1. cuz bacon loves us back

Meff's Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate

10. If it wasn't for bacon, we'd have to eat Spam with our pancakes.

9. Cheeseburgers would get lonely without Bacon, and cheeseburgers are mad when they're lonely.

8. If pork is forbidden, you KNOW it has to be good!

7. It's much cooler to celebrate Bacon Day than, let's say, Life-size Blowup Oprah day.

6. There is no number 6.

5. It's an excuse to overeat fatty food.

4. And not purge it.

3. You get to hang out with a bunch of people you know, and even more people that you don't.

2. It more fun than Christmas, and much more inclusive!

and the number one reason

1. It's still because I said so.







































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